ADUX1020 Sensor ICs and Evaluation Boards for Flexible LED Drivers

Author:OMO Release Date: Oct 27, 2016

Analog Devices' ADUX1020 is a highly efficient photometric sensor with an integrated 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a 20-bit burst accumulator that works in concert with a flexible light emitting diode (LED) driver. It is designed to modulate an LED and measure the corresponding optical return signal. The digital engine includes circuitry and control for data aggregation and proximity detection. The data output and device configuration use a 1.8 V I2C interface. The control circuitry includes flexible LED pulse width and period generation combined with synchronous detection. This circuitry is complemented by a low-noise, low-power, and wide dynamic range configurable analog front end (AFE), clock generation, LED driver, and digital logic for position and smart sample mode (event driven x, y coordinates, and relative z data). This complete AFE features ambient light rejection, avoiding corruption due to external interference.


  • Fully integrated analog front end plus photosensor (TIA, filtering, ADC, LED driver, and digital control)
    • Easier to use for faster time to market
    • Improved performance because of tight system integration
  • High ambient light rejection
    • Robust to corruption of measurement by external light sources (sunlight, LED / fluorescent lights, and more)
  • Perform gesture, proximity, and presence measurements using just one emitter and sensor
    • Smaller size
    • Easier system design


  • Gesture detection for short to mid-range user interface (<1 m)
    • Performance, power, ambient light rejection, integration
    • Measurement using only one emitter and sensor
  • Proximity detection (<2 m)
    • Performance, power, ambient light rejection
  • Presence and motion detection
    • Performance, power, ambient light rejection